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High-performance LED auxiliary lights are permitted for use and improve visibility on roads


Not only does reliable and brilliant light improve visibility for drivers, above all, it improves safety on the road. The LEDriving Lightbar FX250-SP automotive auxiliary light gives drivers a powerful supplemental high beam that is approved for use on roads.
Even in difficult visibility conditions, the LED auxiliary light provides better perception of oncoming traffic with ten high-performance LEDs and 2700 lumen. Along with improving one’s own safety, it improves road safety overall.
The intelligent reflector design of the LED high beam offers extreme efficiency with even light distribution. The highly concentrated light greatly improves far field illumination. The light beam from the LED automotive headlight reaches up to 360 meters.




Width 94.0mm

Length 400.0mm

Height 77.0mm

OSRAM LEDriving FX250-SP Lightbar

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