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Durable and robust LED auxiliary light with certified approval for use on roads


Bright light is particularly critical on unlit streets and dirt roads. It lets drivers identify obstacles on the road far in advance. With its six high-performance LEDs, the LEDriving Lightbar SX180-SP automotive auxiliary light gives drivers better visibility and improved safety on the road.
And the LED auxiliary light also impresses at shorter distances. With an illuminance of one lux and a beam angle of eight degrees, the beam of light can reach up to 190 meters. That’s sufficient enough to identify obstacles on the road far in advance.
The sophisticated reflector design of the LED search light provides very high optical efficiency with uniform light distribution and reduced glare. Reduced glare is especially relevant for oncoming traffic and counts as another important aspect of road safety.
Beyond its light output, the LED high beam enhances the off-road style of the vehicle. Because the LED auxiliary light with certified approval is intended for roads, its use is not limited to off-road terrain.

Various mounting options & durability

It goes without saying that the LED auxiliary light has to withstand quite a bit when used almost daily. Its hard-wearing polycarbonate lens allows it to meet even the toughest demands while extending the lifespan of the auxiliary light for automobiles.
An integrated driver and thermal management system prevents possible damage from overheating. Over and under voltage protection automatically breaks the circuit when power exceeds the predetermined current for a specified amount of time.
Even major temperature fluctuations aren't a problem for the LEDriving Lightbar SX180-SP LED auxiliary lights. They work whether the air temperature is a very cold -30 or a hot 60 degrees Celsius. This is a very helpful feature, particularly during off-road tours.
Its compact mounting dimensions allow the LED working light to be mounted in a variety of ways. The LED auxiliary light can be easily installed even on the front end of 4x4 and off-road vehicles as well as utility and industrial vehicles.

OSRAM LEDriving SX180-SP Lightbar

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