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Durable LED power for improved road safety


Intelligent lighting technology meets a long lifespan with the LEDriving Lightbar SX500-SP search light. With a lifespan of 5000 hours, the LED auxiliary light with certified approval provides increased and long-lasting safety on the road.
With an illuminance of one lux, the beam from the LED auxiliary light can reach up to 360 meters with a beam angle of eight degrees. The 18 high-performance LEDs produce a brightness that is especially beneficial for drivers on unlit streets and in difficult visibility conditions.
The intelligent reflector design of the LED bar for automobiles provides very high optical efficiency with uniform light distribution and reduced glare for oncoming traffic. Reduced glare in particular counts as another important aspect of road safety.
But the light output from the 3900 lumen LED high beam isn’t the only feature that gives the light its appeal: It also enhances the off-road look of the vehicle.


Dimensions - 

 Width 62.0mm

Length 556.0mm

Height 38.0mm

OSRAM LEDriving SX500-SP Lightbar

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