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The Ring RPPL400 High Power Jump Starter and Power Bank is a safe and compact lithium jump starter, ideal for vans, SUVs, all car sizes and motorcycles. Able to start 12V vehicles up to 6.0L with petrol engines, 3.5L with diesel. Its compact design fits easily into a vehicle's glovebox without compromising on power. Also provides power to recharge electronic gadgets including smartphones and tablets.

The safe connect system protects the user, vehicle and jump starter when in use. The intelligent clamps safely manage power between the jump starter and vehicle, plus the device features reverse polarity, short circuit and anti-spike protection.

Comes with micro USB for fast four hour recharge time. Also includes LED torch to make jump starting easier and a storage case to keep the product undamaged in the car. 

RING RPPL400 High Power Lithium Jump Starter & Power Bank

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