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The Ring RVEP2 Trade Pro2 Dash Cam records vital evidence in the event of an incident. Protect yourself from insurance fraud, and in some cases even lower your insurance costs.

Exceptional low light performance means the Trade Pro2 dash camera can provide vital evidence even when driving at night. Comes with an interior cabin view camera to provide an extra layer of security for passengers and goods. 

Hassle free to install and use, they automatically switch on when you start the engine – so you never miss a thing – and turn off once you park up – meaning no risk of draining your battery.

Loop recording will automatically save over old footage you no longer need: you don’t have to clear or buy new SD cards. Important files can be locked to save them for later viewing.

The lockable MicroSD slot is designed to prevent tampering and password protected software prevents alteration of captured footage.

64GB MicroSD card included.

Ring RVEP2 Trade Pro2 Dash Cam

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