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Soft99 New Scratch Clear Wax Mirror Finish Pearl & Metallic 200g No drying or wiping off required. The newly developed microparticle formulation swiftly repairs scratches, while forming a protective layer of hard wax. For an excellent gloss. Use: Always check the compatibility of your car's paint with the colour tone of the product before using it. Remove sand, dust and dirt from the car's body with water and rub it dry with a smooth cloth. 1. Put a reasonable amount of product onto the included cloth and evenly rub it into the car's paint. 2. Polish the product in, no wiping off required. 3. Make sure to finish the entire process, otherwise there might be stains and irregularities.

Soft99 New Scratch Clear Wax Mirror Finish (Pearl and Metallic)

SKU: S00419
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