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  • Made from high quality ABS plastic, these are 9 inch arches to give your Navara an agressive sporty look. These come in 6 parts (4 front, 2 rear)
  • Complete with fitting kit these arches are easy to install using existing mounting points on your truck and come complete with pre-applied 3M adhesive strips (WE DO ADVISE THESE ARE NOT FITTED IN COLD WEATHER, BUT IF SO, PLEASE HEAT THE TAPE TO AID STICKINESS)
  • Comes with show bolts and nuts for the bolt on look, riveted style
  • Straight forward and reversible fitting should you need to return to lease company
  • No drilling to your truck for fitment
  • Smooth matte black finish looks great and tough as is, or can be primed and painted as you choose
  • Includes everything needed to install
  • UV additive so will not fade, these have been weather tried and tested here in the UK
  • Next working day delivery from UK  warehouse, no hidden customs charges




PLEASE NOTE - This wheel arch kit is for the  NP300 Nissan Navaras with two filler caps.  one for fuel one of adblue 


Wide Wheel Arch Kit - Modified Smooth Black

SKU: NN15FFM-6077
due end of August
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